Personalised Bridal Showers

Chocolate Bars

Personalised to suit your Bridal Shower theme.


Each Lollipop is custom designed to suit your hens party

Jellybean Bags

Jellybeans bursting with flavour and  designed to suit your hens party theme

Personalised Chocolates

Creamy milk chocolate encased in a custom designed wrapper


Each Lollipop is custom designed to suit your hens party theme

Personalised Chocolate Bars

Custom designed wrappers showcasing your event colours

Personalised Bridal Favours

Our trendy and popular Party Favours cover a wide range of themes. Whether you’re keeping it simple at a girls night in, holding a classic High Tea or going all out for a big night on the town, Bridal favours help set the scene and complete the theme. Kenzie and Clover have made sure you have plenty of great favour ideas to make your creative vision for your dream celebration come to life.

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Brides maid gifts

Team Bride Favours

Need a bridal party gift, or a special way to ask your bridesmaids to join you on your wedding day?

Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas to Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Personalised favours made just for you and if you’re on a budget, you’re in luck. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed.

Brides maid gifts

Sweet Talking

What Is A Baby Sprinkle?

If you're looking for a lower-key gathering, a “sprinkle” party is a lovely way to welcome a second (or third, or fourth...) addition.  This is much like a traditional baby shower, but perfect for the mum-to-be that doesn’t love to be the centre of attention. There is...

Why Five Almonds

What do the 5 almonds represent? At Italian weddings, exactly five almonds are given out. These five almonds signify for the newlywed couple: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. Since the original favour, wedding favours have transformed throughout...

Age Appropriate Favour Bags

Whether you love them or hate them, party favours are still a huge part of any party or event. While absolutely not ''required,'' I think it's really nice to offer a more age appropriate favour to the older kids. So what do you put in a goodie bag for pre Teens and...

“Villains” is a wicked Party Theme

  Villains-Themed Adult Party   Heroes are overrated. Isn’t it Shredder who sponsored that project that gave small harmless turtles superhuman abilities? Did not Ursula disclose all the deal’s dirty details when Ariel wanted feet? Why do people hate Cruella so much?...

Why is a Lollipop called a Lollipop?

Why is lollipop called lollipop? He used the idea of putting candy on a stick to make it easier to eat, and initially lollipops were a soft, rather than hard, candy. ... However, in America, George Smith trademarked the name in 1931 and he reportedly named the treats...

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favours?

What do you Give as Wedding Favours? Giving out wedding favours is an excellent way to celebrate your special day with your guests, please note that it is not mandatory. A good wedding favour will leave a wonderful image of your wedding in the memories of your guests...

Kids Party Bags

A few ideas on what to fill those little bags with.

What does it mean to be UTZ Certified

What does it mean to be UTZ Certified? UTZ Certified. ... UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The UTZ program enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and...

The Jelly Bean Scene

I bet you are not going to guess how long it takes to make just one Bean?

The Do’s & Don’ts for handing out Wedding Favours

The Do's & Don'ts .if you decide to hand out wedding favours to your guests, below are some of the Do’s and  Dont’s;   The Don’ts of Wedding Favours Don’t Feel Obligated One of the biggest don’ts is deciding to go for the idea because you feel obligated. Keep...

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