Villains-Themed Adult Party


Heroes are overrated. Isn’t it Shredder who sponsored that project that gave small harmless turtles superhuman abilities? Did not Ursula disclose all the deal’s dirty details when Ariel wanted feet? Why do people hate Cruella so much? How come no one understands Hook? Don’t you just find Joker’s hilarious quips incredibly witty at the same time? Who wouldn’t agree that Poison Ivy looked incredibly hot. And whoever said you can only dress up as a villain on Halloween?


It’s high time to steal the spotlight from the always good-looking, melody-singing, hairs-never-frizzing do-gooders and focus on the real people (sometimes animals, sometimes monsters) that really give life to every story.



The trend nowadays is to post an event in Facebook, click on the names of as much people as you want and viola!


But electronic invites can only do so much. What would really set a villainous mood and get your guests are posters. Yes, DIY-brochure-like photos that you can post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag those you want to invite.


Since the theme is “Villains” you don’t need to have professional level-Photoshop skills to layout a wicked invite. You can use ‘beginner-level’ softwares like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or even Paint.


Use your photo (or a friend’s) and tweak it a bit to resemble a famous villain. For example, add an eye patch and a thin mustache to resemble Captain Hook. You can also draw or paste pictures of a pirate’s hat to add to the feels. If you want to get Joker’s sinister grin, add red lipstick to the sides of your mouth.


Add the details in the side of your invitation and tag your friends. 


Remember to include the dress code on the invitations and give your guests ample time to get their costumes together no one likes to be rushed.


Want to actually post out invitations but don’t have the time to look for them nor the budget, then download and print our free villain invitation.



Sick of spending way too much time googling DIY villain costume ideas? Here are some fun villain costumes you can make yourself with a few items you have laying around the house.


Incredible Hulk Costume


Start with a white t-shirt. Begin ripping off the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves. ( the more jagged the better) Next start tearing and ripping jeans or pants in random locations to give it that “Hulk” appearance, being careful enough to keep one leg longer. Dye them purple if you wish for a more “Hulky” look. On the night of the party paint your exposed skin in green body paint and paint dark green or blue veins into the green.

Cruella DeVille Costume

Pop down to your local thrift shops and look for a long white/ black coat ( fur would be ideal) and a red dress if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe. Keep an eye out for a white/black handbag while you are there.

With either black / white contrasting paint dab spots onto the coat and bag to give them the Dalmatian look.  If you are not keen on dying your hair the 2 tone that Cruella so stylishly flaunts you can buy this wig at most Spotlight stores and I have seen it at the odd Variety shop too.

If either of these costume are not your favourite then how about:

Evil Queen – (Snow White)

Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman or Two Face – (Batman)

Doctor Doom –  (Fantastic Four)

Justin Hammer – ( Iron man )





Decorations and Props



For a wicked backdrop, add black curtains, some balloons on the side, and gold and silver streamers. All you need is a camera on a tripod, and viola!


Photobooth props

Splurge more fun in the pictures by adding props like this one: Detachable Medussa headband. For this one, all you need are a couple of plastic snakes from a thrift shop, some wires, a double headband and a can of gold spray paint. You can also make a Maleficent headband by wiring cones into the headbands instead of snakes and spraying with black paint  

For the guys, don’t forget the classic moustache, an eye patch, Joker’s grin, and attach them to a barbecue stick.






Cut out scary tree silhouettes and glue them to your cocktail cups to add to the mood.






Games and Activities


Blind man’s bluff

Blind fold one of your guests and let everyone form a circle around him/her. Make the “it” turn about three times and let him find another person and guess his/her name — if your guests know each other. If not, the villain’s name would suffice.


The catch is, the person being touched should not speak. If the blindfolded person guesses right, the blindfold is passed to the other person.



Prepare about ten cards. On the top of the card, write the name of the Superhero. This will be the one your players will be guessing. Below the card, list down  five things the “it” is not allowed to mention about the superhero. These are your taboo words. For example, your superhero is Superman, your taboo words can be Kryptonite, Clark Kent, Daily Bugle, Lex Luthor, and Louis Lane. Be creative.


Mechanics are simple. Divide your guests into two teams and let them pick a leader. Each team-leader will pick five cards and then describe the hero in the card without mentioning the taboo words. They sing, hum a tune, etc. Each team has two minutes for each card.


If you want things to be more challenging, you can do hero-charade.


Hook’s Treasure

Design a treasure hunt for your villainous guests. Prepare about five stations where guests have to do certain tasks from simple crossword puzzles to real-life dares.


Your ‘treasure’ can be discount coupons to free tickets to membership passes.