Wedding Favours

The Do’s & Don’ts .

if you decide to hand out wedding favours to your guests, below are some of the Do’s and  Dont’s;


The Don’ts of Wedding Favours

Don’t Feel Obligated

One of the biggest don’ts is deciding to go for the idea because you feel obligated.

Keep in mind that the entire wedding ceremony is a treat to your guests.

The food, drinks, music, and experience is enough to give the guests, and you do not have to feel obligated to go the extra mile at the expense of your wedding budget.

Do not spend so much time on the favours

This will take away from the time allocated to planning the rest of the wedding.

The Do’s of Wedding Favours

Do Make it Meaningful

The first thing you should always do when you decide to give wedding favours is to choose something meaningful.

Do Remember Wedding Favours do not have to be a Physical Gift

Some couples opt to consider a donation.

Such wedding favour works in a way that the couple chooses a charity of their choice and ask guests to donate to it.

Do Gift Something Useful or Delicious

The wedding favour could also be something that the guests can use, for instance, candles or glassware are useful favours.

When the guests use these gifts, they will always have a memory of where they came from.

Personalised Chocolate Bars are always well received and are an affordable gift idea and Kenzie & Clover make them for $2 per chocolate bar.