What do you Give as Wedding Favours?

Giving out wedding favours is an excellent way to celebrate your special day with your guests, please note that it is not mandatory.

A good wedding favour will leave a wonderful image of your wedding in the memories of your guests for a lifetime.

Below are some common favours that you can give your guests;

Chocolates and Sweets

Personalised Chocolate bars are some of the best received wedding favours.

You can always choose to hand out sweets and chocolate bars in packages that are Personalised to suit your Wedding theme.



Cookies are some of the most inexpensive favours to hand out.

A custom cookie design is always a good option.

You can get the cookies customized with your names, the same colour schemes at the wedding, the wedding dates, and creative shapes.

Cakes are also an ideal option.

Other types of wedding favours include bags, beverages, candy almonds and candles.

What is The Cost of Wedding Favours?

The cost of the wedding favours depends on the type of gifts you choose to give to your guests.

The number of guests that you wish to gift will also influnce the type of favouryou hand out.

To save on costs, some couples choose only to hand out gifts to the bridal and groom party or one per couple.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the cost of the favours is not too high since most of the time, there isn’t much money left from planning the rest of the wedding.

If you plan ahead and consider selecting a smaller favour , you can end up spending less than a few hundred dollars on average for the wedding favours.

The Favours you choose will depend on the size of your bank account and budget.